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  Organically Raised, Sustainable Produce

Aquaponically raised produce provides a sustainable, year-round access to those vegetables you've been wanting. Why wait to have that fresh salad in the summer when you can have one all year round thanks to the Raymond Ranch.

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Organically Raised, Year Round Micro-Greens

 Our Micro Greens are grown year round using organic growing practices. 

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  Grass Fed Beef, No Hormones, No 

We focus on quality and not quantity at the Ranch and that's why we have a small herd, all grass fed, no anti-biotics, beef in limited quantities. Get on the list now to reserve yours.

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  Organically Raised, Sustainable Trout

Our Aquaponics system provides a clean and sustainable method to raise delicious Rainbow Trout. 


Sustainable, clean, non-gmo, no herbicides, no pesticides, no disease agriculture production of produce all using 90% less water than traditional methods. We've made 1 square foot of land worth 2. More...

Bio-gas Generation

We collect our livestock's manure and recycle it using the process of Anaerobic Digestion. This processes produces usable Natural Gas that we utilize to heat and power our systems.More...

Solar Energy

Growing year round takes energy and we reduced our carbon footprint to the point of being fully carbon neutral. Our system is powered by the sun, all year round. More...