Making 1sqft of land worth 2 and using 90% less water

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Aquaponics is sustainable agriculture

When we set out to accomplish our mission to bring sustainable food and energy to the community we were challenged with figuring out a way to make 1 sqft of land worth 2 such that we could grow the produce and fish needed by a family of four in a smaller area. In addition we were conscientious of current agriculture heavy water needs. So we searched for a solution that would help address both these issues and we found Aquaponics.

You can follow the link above to read more about aquaponics but the basic principles are that fish produce waste, which plants just love to eat. So we got some fish and built some tanks and beds and got these two party animals (well and plants) together and its just a real party. In all seriousness the process shown to the left is really quite simple and mirrors exactly how God created our world.