Sustainable Raised Beef

Quality over Quantity

Meet Daisy and "the Duke(s)"

We procured our 1st Heifer from a local cowboy who is highly regarded in the area for producing excellent stock. Since that time our Heifer (Daisy) has given birth twice, both times to very healthy steers. Our herd is small but growing and we focus on ensuring that the animals live an excellent and very comfortable life. Daisy is a gentle mother who is easily approachable and spends extra attention on her offspring.

We procure our hay from a local grower, further supporting our local community. The cows receive open pasture on our 20 acre ranch when it's available, usually May through September and when pasture isn't available we feed with hay.

When the time comes for retiring the animal we work with Mountain Valley Meats in Parkdale, Oregon to humanely process the beef. Mountain Valley does an excellent job of processing, marking, and taking special orders and is recommended by our local vet as the butcher of choice.

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