Organically Raised, Non-GMO, Micro-Greens

Fresh and Year Round

Clean, Safe, Delicious

We currently are focusing on the sustained growth of various micro-greens including Pea Shoots, Radish and Kale. By serving our local community chefs we have come to appreciate the value of a high quality product, fresh, sustainable, great presentation, and most importantly safe. 

We have worked with the Washington State Department of Agriculture to ensure excellent food safety protocols are implemented. We are ready to serve your high throughput and certified customer needs..

Our micro-greens have a great intense flavor! According to PennState micro-greens are "significantly more nutritious than their fully grown counterparts, sometimes by as much as 40 times more". Spice up your everyday dishes by adding micro-greens to sandwiches in place (or in addition to) lettuce, on top of soups or pastas, on your morning eggs and of course they make a beautiful tasty salads! 


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Our Greenhouse has a 340 pounds per week capacity!

We currently have 4 vertical growing lanes utilized here at the Raymond Ranch

We utilize vertical growing space to make 1 square foot of land worth 2, or in this case 3. The lower deck is our aquaponics system where we grow leafy greens for sale. The second shelf is our germination shelf. The top shelf is our micro-green growing shelf. We can add up to two more shelves on just this lane to help meet your growing customer needs.